A new solution from YouCanBookMe that can put your attendance lists in the cloud.


Attendance lists solved

Set up as many events (sessions/courses/classes) as you need. Specify time and location and how many people can attend. We take care of everything else.

Your attendees can browse the list of events and simply click to sign up. We will get them to fill out a form with any questions you need to ask.


All the core functionality is available for free. Over the coming months, we'll be adding lots more free features and also some things you might want to pay for (e.g. the ability to manage people's payments).

Free users help us spread the word by displaying information about this product to your users after they have signed up for an event. Or you can remove all our advertising for a small monthly cost.

You're in control.

Everything about the signup process is configurable.

You can specify a look-and-feel to match your house style, upload a logo, lay out exactly what you want the booking form to look like and event tailor the contents of the emails we send out automatically as confirmations and reminders.